About Me


Hello, you!

Most people find my infrequently updated blog because they asked Auntie Google to give them reasons to stick around in India or point them to funny threats or beautiful girls with curly hair.  If you’re one of these, no judgement – whatever route you took to get here, I’m so glad you came.

If you haven’t been here before, my name is Karina. I live in Bombay with my little girl, the delicious weirdo who helped make her and our three cats, Bottle, Joolian and Huckleberry. They make for fascinating stories.

‘This is where I came in’ – well because I’m a Janey-come-very-lately to the blogging world. I don’t write very often – growing a business while raising two children and three cats is exhausting and leaves precious little time for anything else. When I do write, it’s usually about things I can’t not write about – bonny blue mittens, for example.

– K


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, your post in reply or in reference to Sumedh Mungee’s article in NY times resonated with me. I just got back from a brief vacation abroad. It was enough. Enough to make me see my country from a different perspective. Enough to make me realise that whichever country I may escape to, I will always remain an Indian at heart. And that India’s plight will always stir me wherever I am. I would like to know more about the changes you are working on? And would love to exchange ideas. Changing the way things are requires more than one head and more than one pair of arms. Would love to hear back from you. I am on kasturi.jadhav@gmail.com.

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